We offer three different types of workshops

- Playwriting 

- Movement for Actors 

- Script Development 


We love scripts. We like to write them, to tell stories and human experiences that we feel the urge to share with the world,. In an ideal world this process is flawlessly easy.  In reality...not so much.  We know that we process of writing any piece of material, to even start it can be incredibly challenging. What we have learnt though is that there are many ways not only to start but to enrich and develop and have your writing flying high the moment you see it in a different light or perspective.  Whether you are a playwright or you secretly always wanted to be one, we offer 4 hours workshops or one day workshops to help you to start, continue or finish your work. We can help you to translate your ideas into language and to put that first word down on the page. Or to dissect your material and work on the dramaturgy of it until you think that is the best possible version of that thought. 


We invite playwrights and fellow theatre makers to share their experiences with us - we believe that finding your voice is more than just sitting in front of a computer staring at a screen. 


Reasons to come

  • We love feedback - to take ideas and dicuss and break them down.

  • We have read a lot of scripts in our lives and we happen to be writers ourselves

  • We deeply care about “good” writing, most importantly, we are about you and your ideas on that page

  • We are interested in new material for future productions (both film and theatre)

  • Even if you think we are not the best people to help you we can put you in touch with someone who might. Win-win. 


This workshop is specifically targeted for script and screen writers who might want a second opinion on their current writing or to see their ideas performed in a safe welcoming environment. We know what it means to feel like you know your words by heart and that there is no life in your material that can be added. Chances are, there is always something that can change the perspective and enrich what you already have. We offer read throughs with our network of actors for you to play around with ideas and stretch your creative muscles if you are planning to produce your own writing. Our experience in directing and our network of directors and producers can help you with their point of view as well as a solid idea on how to put it on. 



For educational enquires, please contact:


Associate Director