It’s the 1920s, and gangland warfare runs rampant on the streets of London. Rival gangs wage war in broad daylight, as the police lose their grip on the infamous racecourse gangs that hold sway over the South.


At the centre of it all lies one family, The Bernardis. Caught between the mounting pressure of ethnic rivalries, family power struggles and looming traditions, all looks lost... until an opportunity presents itself in the form of London’s first celebrity drug dealer, "Brilliant" Billy Chang.


Based on true characters, this epic family saga follows the Bernardis as tradition and the new age go head-to-head for one thing... to remain at the top.

MI_Saffron Hill5.png

Saffron Hill is a theatrical event drawing elements from devised, immersive and site-specific theatre. Written by Louis Akihito Blair, our goal with this production is to engage our audience in new and exciting ways while grounding ourselves in the power of story. Through the use of a non-traditional development and rehearsal process, Saffron Hill will push our cast and creatives to create a world that goes beyond the norm. In other words, it's theatre... but not as you know it.

We are currently raising funds for the full-length production on our Kickstarter and we'd appreciate any support in bringing this to life (click the button below for more information).

Direction by Louis Akihito Blair

Assistant Direction by Thao Nguyen

Production Design by Alex Milledge

Lighting Design by Catja Hamilton

Sound Design by Seisha Butler

Costume Design by Arantxa Méndez

Graphic Design by Rebecca Wing